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Do you think outside the lunchbox? We do! We are OrganicLife, the leading provider of healthy lunches in the state of Illinois. Our formula is quite simple. We cook great food with great ingredients that's great for your kids. That's it! Schools all over the state have said "no more" to mystery meats and "yes, please!" to OrganicLife, and now their students are healthier and happier than ever. Consider this: would you rather have your children offered a 50-ingredient salad bar paired with whole-grain pasta for lunch or a fast-food burger and fries? We think it's a no-brainer! The OrganicLife school lunch program gets an A+ from students, parents, and administrators alike.

Although we pride ourselves on the success and innovation of our school lunch program, we think grownups deserve good-tasting, good-for-you lunches, too. Our expansive network of business includes restaurants, corporate catering, in-home meal delivery, and more! We invite you to explore our services and menus and consider the myriad benefits that come from living an OrganicLife!